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  • New World account;
  • E-mail Steam Guard active.

Buying Trade Skills in New World MMO is the most reliable, fast, and profitable way to unlock some end-game recipes and start making coins from your professions. Every Trade Skill is unique and offers a variety of perks and leveling options. That is why we offer fast Trade Skills leveling boost so that you can start your NW journey fully prepared.

  1.  On-time Completion
  2.  100% Hand-Made
  3.  No bots or exploits
  4.  Experienced team

Terms & Conditions:

  • We do not use any 3rd party botting software
  • Any item or gold obtained through leveling process stay on your character
  • We do our best to provide account’s privacy and anonymity
  • We update latest progress of the leveling process any time by your request
  • Do not log to the account before we finish the service
  • VPN connections are at our disposal to provide maximum for your security
  • Unforeseen circumstances like server’s issues we cannot influence may delay the progress and increase the timeline


  • We’ve prepared a full list of required Trade Skill levels to gather certain resources. You need to reach these thresholds before the purchase.
Resource Required  Skill Level Resource Required Skill Level
Iron Ore Mining 0 Wyrdwood Logging 100
Silver Ore Mining 10 Ironwood Logging 175
Oil Mining 20 Rawhide Skinning 0
Gold Ore Mining 25 Thick Hide Skinning 85
Starmetal Ore Mining 100 Iron Hide Skinning 175
Platinum Ore Mining 110 Timber Woodworking 0
Orichalcum Mining 175 Lumber Woodworking 20
Green Wood Logging 0 Iron Ingot Smelting 0
Aged Wood Logging 50 Silver Ingot Smelting 0