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1. On-time Completion 2. 100% Hand-Made 3. No bots or exploits 4. Experienced team

Leveling Package:

  • 100% Ground Mount is included in 1-70 leveling
  • Skinning + First Aid professions come with 1-70 leveling
  • Every valuable item and gold obtained stay on your character
  • We accept your personal custom requests (class/specific quests, talent/spec customization etc)

60-70 Leveling Timeframe:

  • Standard within 7-9 days
  • High Speed within 5-6 days
  • Basic within 10-12 days

1-70 Leveling Timeframe:

  • Standard within 14-16 days
  • High Speed within 8-12 days
  • Basic within 3 weeks

Terms & Conditions:

  • We do not use any 3rd party botting software
  • Any item or gold obtained through leveling process stay on your character
  • We do our best to provide account’s privacy and anonymity
  • We update latest progress of the leveling process any time by your request
  • Do not log to the account before we finish the service
  • VPN connections are at our disposal to provide maximum for your security
  • Unforeseen circumstances like server’s issues we cannot influence may delay the progress and increase the timeline