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1. On-time Completion 2. 100% Hand-Made 3. No bots or exploits 4. Experienced team 5. Do not log to the account before we finish the service 6. VPN connections are at our disposal to provide maximum for your security 7. Unforeseen circumstances like server’s issues we cannot influence may delay the progress and increase the timeline

  • For Best in Slot (BIS) Pre-Raid Gear we make a list of items according to your character and specialization to confirm
  • Timeframe to get full Bis Pre-Raid Gear may take up to 2 weeks
  • All raid attunement quests for Molten Core, Onyxia’s Lair and Blackwing Lair may take within 1-2 days to complete
  • The service requires account sharing with active subscription and lvl 60 character